Security in Humanitarian Action

CCC Commitments

Commitment 1

Security risks that could affect staff and assets, and subsequently the emergency response, are identified, assessed and managed.

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Programme Action

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Early Recovery


  • Ensure that an assessment is undertaken of all the relevant security risks associated with the humanitarian response plan.
  • Examine UN Security Risk Assessment for implications to humanitarian programmes, and establish and maintain a UNICEF security plan (as an annex/compliment to the UN security plan) linked to the UN humanitarian response plan.
  • Maintain and sustain UNICEF's security plan by, inter alia, securing financial resources, training staff (including testing key aspects of security plan), procuring equipment related to Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS), meeting MOSS-related office requirements, and establishing MOSS-related procedures.
  • Link mitigation aspects - those aimed at intending to mitigate the impact of event - of the security plan with business continuity plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of day-to-day security measures and the key aspects of the security plan in order to manage the risk to staff and assets.


  • Implement the security plan immediately, including establishing the location of all staff members, and review, with Department of Safety and Security, the effectiveness of security measures.
  • Ensure all staff, programmes and offices have proper MOSS-related equipment, and follow security-mandated procedures during programme implementation.
  • Periodically review, in collaboration with UN security advisors, the programme implications of security risk assessment, in the context of the changing situation.
  • Identify and transmit supply inputs to Supply and Logistics.

Early Recovery

  • Adjust UNICEF security plan to account for post-emergency threat environment; monitor the effectiveness of these security measures and plans.

Policy and Standards

Security Operations Manual, forthcoming, UNICEF, 2012 1
UNICEF Framework of Accountability (Security Operations Manual), forthcoming, UNICEF, 2012 1
UNICEF Security Management System (Security Operations Manual), forthcoming, UNICEF, 2012 1