Finance and Administration in Humanitarian Action

CCC Commitments and Benchmarks

Commitment 1

Effective and transparent management structures are established, with support from the Regional Office and UNICEF headquarters, for effective implementation of the programme and operational Core Commitments for Children. This is done in an environment of sound financial accountability and adequate oversight.

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Programme Action

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Early Recovery


  • Through the emergency preparedness and response plan, gauge financial and administrative capacity in-country, including:
    1. Internal control system - segregation of duties and readiness for manual accounting.
    2. Physical security - office and residential premises, inventory and other assets.
  • Ensure that liquidity is assured at all times and that alternative sources and arrangements are made for business continuity purposes.
  • In case an alternative recovery location for the office is identified for purposes of business continuity:
    1. Ensure that the site is ready to receive critical staff and provide appropriate administrative, information technology and telecommunications support facilities to allow for operational continuity.
    2. Ensure that there are sufficient supplies and provisions, taking into consideration both gender and special needs.


  • Review, operationalize (as appropriate) and monitor:
    1. Appropriateness of delegated authorities (including those of review committees) - given changes in staff, geographic location and programme activity;
    2. Accessibility of UNICEF corporate financial systems - and alternatives, if appropriate;
    3. Requirements for additional residential and office premises, and security of inventory and other assets; and
    4. Methods of obtaining liquidity and making disbursements.
  • Respond rapidly to queries regarding finance and administration from RO and CO (Division of Financial and Administrative Management).
  • Division of Financial and Administrative Management to consult with RO and CO and Division of Human Resources on the deployment of finance and administration staff to emergency duty stations, as required.

Early Recovery

  • Review arrangements introduced during the emergency to regularize controls, procedures and systems, and to ensure that administrative and accounting requirements have been fulfilled.

Policy and Standards

Simplified Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) for Corporate Emergency Activation Procedure for Level 3 Emergencies, UNICEF, 2015 (requires Intranet access)
Financial and Administrative Policy, UNICEF, 2012 (requires Intranet access)
Manage Operations of Office: Temporary Offices
Manage Operations of Office: Assessing Office Finance and Administrative Capacity
Manage Operations of Office: Travel Arrangements
Manage Operations of Office: Guest Houses
Manage Operations of Office: UNICEF Vehicles
Manage Accounting and Internal Controls of Office: Segregation of Duties and Internal Controls
Manage Accounting and Internal Controls of Office: Financial System
Manage Accounting and Internal Controls of Office: Cash Transfers
Manage Accounting and Internal Controls of Office: Organization Management
Manage Accounting and Internal Controls of Office: Budget Allotments
Manage the Cash Resources of the Offices: Cash Accounts and Obtaining Cash
Manage the Cash Resources of the Offices: Bank Accounts
Manage the Cash Resources of the Offices: Safety of Staff, Cash and Financial Assets
Manage the Cash Resources of the Offices: Contract Review Committee