Disaster Risk Reduction

Children's Charter for Disaster Risk Reduction
Disaster Risk Reduction: UNICEF Programme Guidance Note
UNICEF and Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction, UNICEF, 2012
UNICEF Global DRR Mapping and Global UNICEF DRR Initiatives

UNICEF has long recognized the importance of disaster risk reduction. At the global level, UNICEF plays a role not only in strengthening the ISDR System but is an active participant in a number of global, regional and national DRR networks. At the country level, UNICEF is uniquely placed to strengthen its programming on DRR given its presence and focus on building partnerships with government and civil society from the national to the community level. UNICEF should promote and help ensure adequate and specific focus on the rights and vulnerabilities of girls, boys, adolescents and women. In line with emergency risk informed programming and building on the mainstreaming of emergency preparedness and response all UNICEF Focus Areas in the framework of the MTSP provide an opportunity to prepare for, prevent and mitigate disaster risk.

DRR is an important component of the UNICEF Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action (CCCs). DRR programme actions feature prominently in the revised CCCs, in recognition of the fact that disaster risk reduction is essential to their realisation. In addition to clarifying UNICEF's commitments to children in terms of standards and benchmarks to be measured during emergencies, the CCCs formalize a new thrust of humanitarian action as representing a set of principles, approaches and specific interventions that cover preparedness, response and early recovery, and thus bridge the gap between development and humanitarian programming. This vision is informed by the foundation principles that guide UNICEF's work overall, namely a Human Rights-Based Approach to Cooperation and Gender Mainstreaming and a commitment to apply humanitarian principles. Emergency Risk Informed Programming and Capacity Development are key approaches that underpin this vision of humanitarian action.


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