Emergency Deployment Kit

Programmes & Supply: Guidelines & Tools

On the Plane

Programmes, Cross-cutting Issues and Key Programme Strategies Quick Read
This text gives an overview on what UNICEF does in humanitarian programming and how. This is intended as an essential reading for persons deployed to support UNICEF Country Offices in humanitarian action, whether already UNICEF staff or external deployees, whether engaged in programmes or operations support or senior management. For UNICEF staff seasoned in humanitarian action, issues around which new policy or guidance exist and/or where evaluations show frequent weaknesses are highlighted for quick reference.

Appeals Checklist
When formulating appeals in emergencies (CAPs, Flash Appeals and Immediate Needs documents), the following checklists will serve as a "reminder" for staff at Country Office level of common gaps and issues in such appeal documents. These checklists provide a brief but broad overview of the critical aspects that are frequently ommitted or overlooked, to enable staff to quickly produce strong appeals in humanitarian settings.

On the Ground

Each of the below issue pages provides the essential Policy and Standards, and Guidelines and Tools. Resources listed are both UNICEF produced and inter-agency. Their relevance to commitments in the CCCs is directly noted. Additional resources are also highlighted.

Programmes and Supply